Cashless GRAB and GO automated vending machines!

Cash-free vending machines have become an increasingly important part of many businesses due to the way they offer quick and efficient vending services. Caterers, vending machine sellers, and business owners increasingly turn to Vendeli machines based on ShelfX technology. They are industry leaders in this field and offer you a variety of excellent benefits that make investing in one or two a wise decision.

Benefits of a Vendeli machine with ShelfX Technology

In a world where fewer people are carrying cash than ever, this is a great way to stay ahead in the vending business. Even better, each machine has an easy-to-open door that allows quick and shake-free access to their drinks. No more flat drinks or exploding cans for your customers!

There is now no need to buy multiple vending machines of you want to dispense drinks, food and snacks. The Vendeli machine can do the lot at once.

Beyond the above mentioned customizable vending options are a variety of benefits that make Vendeli your vending machine of choice. For example, it comes with a 12-month parts warranty that will cover any malfunctions. This is so useful to new or beginning businesses that don't have a lot of capital. Other benefits of Vendeli machines include:

How It Works

The ShelfX vending system is a 100% cashless operation. The machine payment gateways accept credit and re-loadable NFC xcard payments. You can also configure the system to work with fingerprint and even facial recognition solutions for a truly secure and ultimately most convenient vending platform.

The system functions quite easily, the vending is done though machines with clear doors mounted on th front. Through the glass you can clearly see the products available for you to purchase. Each product is categorized by weight and tracked by the internal inventory management system. Your customer uses their preferred method of payment, which allows them access to the contents of the fridge, they then choose whatever products they desire and when they close the door, the system calculates exactly what they have selected and removed, and provides them with a total, including any taxes, should they need to be levied. The charge for the items are then applied to their account or their method of payment. If on account, they then receive an email receipt detailing the purchase.

The Vendeli Vending Machine

  • Is a new and versatile machine
  • It dispenses food and drinks in any shape container
  • They can be purchased in chilled or frozen configuration

It offers a multitude of vending possibilities including:

  • Fresh prepared food for example wraps, salads and sandwiches
  • Wine
  • Juices
  • Smoothies/Yoghurt
  • Healthy Options for the discerning consumer

The frozen machines can vend:

  • Frozen meals
  • Ice
  • Bait

How do they work?

  • Pressure sensitive shelves
  • Calibrated for any product you wish to sell
  • Credit card swipe access

The machines are accessed by swiping a credit card reader. Once the card is validated:

  • The door will open
  • Products are selected and door closed
  • The credit card is billed for what was taken from the machine

Download Vendeli Brochure

Vendeli Machine Brochure

Vending Machines to suit any application

Feturing ShelfX Technology, we offer the best in Vending Solutions

24/7 Shop Machine

Convenintly Offer Drinks and Snacks

Wherever you choose to locate one of our machines, the inventory is available to your users 24/7 365 and with our exceptional reporting tools, you will always know what the status is.

Vending at the Library

Completely Unattended

Our machines don't need to be monitored. They are completely secure and will dispense only what is paid for, even using a pre-authorization process to ensure the purchaser is legit.

In the corner of the kitchen

Not just snacks and drinks

ShelfX technology permits you to dispense a vast number of product types, they don't need to be food at all. In this case the products being vended include personal hygene products, electronic devices and more.