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Product Details

Shelfx Australia is the clear market leader in alternative automated merchandising and vending solutions. Your business demands a solution to the option-less marketplace. You want to satisfy the demand for fresh foods at your place of business but you don't know the best way to satisfy that demand. We have that solution ready to go for all your locations.

As a rapidly expanding company began in 2011, Shelf X provides secure open access feature-rich vending solutions by offering a wide range of options to purchase or lease machines capable of dispersing chilled or room-temperature product from specialized vending machines that contain weight sensing shelves and NFC identification technology.

The brilliance of the system we are offering really comes to light with our inventory management cloud based tracking systems. Your customers can set up, manage and track their account, all online. You, as the merchant, can then manage the operations remotely using a mobile based management application that allows access from any internet connected device, including but not limited to, a tablet, a smart phone or a computer.

Cashless Operation

The ShelfX systems accept multiple methods of payment which include the typical credit payment options but can also include payment using smart cards, employee ID cards, reload-able NFC Xcard payments and, for the ultimate in secure payments, the ShelfX system can also use fingerprint and facial recognition to track usage and accounts. Taxes can be collected separately from the product sale price.

Live Inventory Management

Using the Cloud-based systems that come included with your hardware, ShelfX provides live inventory reports showing: product, prices, and quantities by shelf. Waste reports and pick list can also be generated, detailing exactly what items and what quantities are needed for restocking. The system is smart enough to track best-before dates, to see what products are being examined but not purchased and much more.

Remote Monitoring

ShelfX uses cloud-based apps to provide mobile and remote management of your appliances. This allows you to view detailed employee activity and live inventory. Not only will you know what was purchased, but also by whom and when. You can schedule stocking runs based on realtime data and develop and track buying habits of your customers so that you are never out of the item they purchase on a regular basis. Customer transaction activity also allows you to charge and refund purchases directly through the web app. The smart fixture will send email alerts for unauthorized access, temperature changes, system failure, and more. If cooler temperature rises above desired threshold the system will not open the door to consumers.

Expanded Merchandising

ShelfX smart fixture allows you to sell a wide variety of products such as fresh, healthy, gourmet foods. ShelfX smart fixtures can accommodate non-refrigerated items with dual temperature control. Allowing for products from a kitchen, rather than pre-packaged unrefrigerated options will be the difference between having your employees use your vending options or seeking meals off-site.

Sales Analytics

ShelfX offers extensive reports including customizable sales reports, charts, product analysis, and more.

Marketing and Promotions

ShelfX offers a wide variety of promotional features and customizable discounts including: BOGO, combo meals, "Happy Hours" to encourage the sale of perishable items before exceeding freshness codes. Employee meal benefits can also be linked to Xcards.