Why Shelfx Australia

Your business demands a solution to the option-less marketplace. You want to satisfy the demand for fresh foods at your place of business but you don't know the best way to satisfy that demand. We have that solution ready to go for all your locations.

As a rapidly expanding company began in 2011, Shelf X provides secure open access feature-rich vending solutions by offering a wide range of options to purchase or lease machines capable of dispersing chilled or room-temperature product from specialized vending machines that contain weight sensing shelves and NFC identification technology.

The brilliance of the system we are offering really comes to light with our inventory management cloud based tracking systems. Your customers can set up, manage and track their account, all online. You, as the merchant, can then manage the operations remotely using a mobile based management application that allows access from any internet connected device, including but not limited to, a tablet, a smart phone or a computer.

ShelfX Vending Machines

How does the system work

The ShelfX vending system is a 100% cashless operation. The machine payment gateways accept credit and re-loadable NFC xcard payments. You can also configure the system to work with fingerprint and even facial recognition solutions for a truly secure and ultimately most convenient vending platform.

The system functions quite easily, the vending is done though machines with clear doors mounted on the front. Through the glass you can clearly see the products available for you to purchase. Each product is categorized by weight and tracked by the internal inventory management system. Your customer uses their preferred method of payment, which allows them access to the contents of the fridge, they then choose whatever products they desire and when they close the door, the system calculates exactly what they have selected and removed, and provides them with a total, including any taxes, should they need to be levied. The charge for the items are then applied to their account or their method of payment. If on account, they then receive an email receipt detailing the purchase.

Accepted payment methods can include any and all credit cards, NFC devices, smart cards, xcard, employee badges with RFID technology and even payroll deduction.

The technology is deployed in a format which permits unattended automated retail sales o f virtually any possible product. You can offer a wide range of healthy, fresh and gourmet food options, in addition, you can provide more typical vending fare, but with a twist as the system will allow much more selection to be loaded without compromising the vending space available. Simply full the shelves with whatever your clients desire and let ShelfX take care of the rest.

Have a workforce that communicates in multiple languages? This is not a problem, the vending machines can be tailored to a large number of languages which will be automatically displayed based on the card holder's preferences. The systems are also configurable to handle a large array of currencies without issue.

Reporting and Efficiency

We understand your time is precious. Your vending solutions should offer time savings to be truly effective.

With our feature rich fixture, product and inventory management system, the shelfx application provides extremely detailed business analytics, reporting, charting and unprecedented amounts of consumer behaviour data. \This, of course, includes what exactly each and every one of your customers is purchasing, when, how often but also can be as detailed as what products were lifted, but returned to the shelf instead of being purchased and how often, when and by whom. We can also offer you full access to all the vending events and data through a comprehensive API available for your online use and for third party data analysis.